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Hi I'm Elia... Welcome to my website, essentially my three areas of work, Psychotherapy, Energy EFT and Consultancy are all about 'transformation' you can learn more about them on the following pages.

If you would rather or contact me directly for a chat about my services or to book a session you can use the phone and email buttons above and on the right.

Online therapy has been an incredible way to cater for global expats and local clients. I have been working online since starting my private practice almost six years ago, providing quality therapy & later Energy EFT, using counselling platforms for qualified psychotherapists and also FaceTime and Skype. I have lived and worked abroad as an expat myself and understand the unique challenges this brings.

I am a registered member of the BACP - British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and GOE - The Guild of Energists.

As a psychotherapist I help you transform issues into personal growth and life satisfaction. I have previously counselled young people and worked in multi-disciplinary teams. For school counselling and pastoral consultancy email for a service pack.

As an Energist I remove blocks to your energy system using Energy EFT, acupuncture without needles, a bit like personal fengshui. Details are on the wellbeing page and you can access free stress release exercises and articles by clicking on this website’s Facebook and Instagram buttons.

As a Concept Coach I use the above skills rather uniquely to help you access your creative brain and conceive enterprising ideas. Contact me for further information.

Below are some brief meditations on the wisdom I've gained from my work and my life experiences. You can read more on my instagram #elia_therapy. It’s also important to state I've had both therapy and energy treatment, I wouldn't invite you to consider doing anything I haven't done myself:

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Your Inner Child is a Joyful Unbreakable Part of You

Your inner child is a joyful unbreakable part of yourself, a reflection of your individual light that can seemingly be destroyed many times over, yet you are still here at this moment.

You fall apart and come together many times in your life. Your inner child makes it possible for you to find yourself and can make this process as natural as breathing if you are able to overcome your fear of falling apart.

Either way, somewhere, always, your inner child spurs you towards growth and is searching for light and healing.

Along the way there may be fear, destruction and unpleasantness as your present self misinterprets and seeks to avoid what your inner child is asking for. You may ride shockwaves from the past where you or someone else has tried to shout down or silence your inner child. They restrict your life but also serve as teachers in the challenges they bring.

Not only is self-judgement futile but it's impossible to say if the challenges you have given yourself were just always meant to be...

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We Must Accumulate Riches from Ashes

Your soul is immaculate and flawlessly, effortlessly brave and smart; drawing down on the universe and all human knowledge like a limitless credit card.  Your soul is like a perpetually rising Phoenix that is never down and burns with the oneness of humanity and love of heaven, without self doubt or a trace of low self-esteem.  

We find it difficult because we are here, on this sometimes very uncomfortable rock, in the mortal coil and our flesh must follow.  We must feel the cold air and the heat of uncomfortable situations, the sweating, the choking panic in our throats, the fluttering heart and the bottomless fear in our stomachs… and we must know, that underneath, above and to the farthest reaches East and West, yet closer than our breathing, is our soul, carrying everything we need for this world. It is part of a greater force - the greatest, resting in a spark behind our eyes when we cry, learn our lessons and laugh with joy.  The trouble is, whilst you’re in this life, on your journey, although your soul blazes a trail through all darkness and cannot be destroyed, tamed or bettered in any way, you must follow...

You must try to exhibit the spirit of your soul and the bravery to overcome what your soul has already overcome. Find the money it has saved for you, learn the lessons that are written, even eat the food at the table it has lain and go through the pain that comes without immediate explanation or apparent justice. The flesh must follow the guidance laid out by the soul that transmutes this pain from poisonous lead to gold and we must find how to handle that gold in our lives so it doesn't 'spend us’....

We must accumulate riches from ashes… We have every potential and ability to do this with every breath of presence that comes with the promise of paradisal eternity and indomitable joy, that is there for the taking…that’s the trouble - the flesh must follow…

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Happy Re-Birthday!!!

Let yourself be reborn every day with the wonder of your first day, the focus of your last and the sense of the eternal moment rolling within the present, offering infinite possibilities for choosing the right thing for you as an individual to do with that 24 hours; for finding what you need to of yourself for the day...Happy Re-Birthday!!!

Wisdom. Life is But A Dream

Life is But a Dream of You...

We row merrily, or not so merrily, through our lives sometimes on autopilot. Meanwhile, some feel awake to dream of the time of creation when the world was a deeply spiritual place and in the quietness people manifested and evolved their soul fires, with the essence of life burning bright within... This unseen world still burns for many. Perhaps the lives we see and struggle with every day are a dream compared with the greater and deeper unseen reality which churns beneath our conscious minds and drives us.

And what if there are deeper and broader machinations pulling the strings of the universe? God or a super-reality which commands fate to meet our conscious efforts half way... It seems this idea has always been, and always will be with the human population, especially when the world seems chaotic. Maybe that is no accident, maybe it's part of us, as we are part of the stars and their path and whatever they are part of and its' path, or its' dream of you...


Triumphs and Challenge are your Compass in life...

Triumphs and challenge are your compass in life. They are all shades and landmarks of the beautiful picture of your life; where darkness ignites the light hues and clarifies the path which you have trodden and maps out the truth of where you need to go.


Your Head's A Beach and Then You Fly...

If you can find your safe place within, when life seems like chaos, then you can grow and fly high on these turbulent winds finding
the farthest reaches of success that would have been impossible without the storm.

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